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Wynmoor Activities


Wynmoor offers the finest movies and shows in our own, state-of-the-art, Wynmoor Theatre. If you are a movie buff, it certainly pays to wait, since we present movies shortly after their runs on the national theater circuit yet before they make their pay-per-view debuts! The "Dollar Theater" lives on at Wynmoor!


If you are looking to get out and about, you came to the right place. The Recreation Department offers excursions to popular destinations in our area, including museums, gambling facilities, sporting events, tourist attractions and more. In addition, see where our Dinner Bus is headed to next. And, if you looking to take advantage of our education program, residents may choose from a variety of monthly classes.

Council Meetings

The Community Council holds four different monthly meetings; The Board of Directors, The Management Committee, The Executive Committee and The Budget & Finance Committee. All residents are invited to attend and the schedule can be found by clicking on Event Calendar, to the left.


Recreation Office
1310 Ave. of the Stars
Coconut Creek, FL. 33066

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